I have suffered with Endometriosis since I was 11 although it wasn’t diagnosed until I was 30. I had so many invasive and non-invasive procedures to try to diagnose what was causing my symptoms but in essence it took 19 years till i got the diagnosis I deserved. I have tried many ‘treatments’ for Endometriosis since my diagnosis. Some have worked, some haven’t. I heard and researched the affect our diet has on Endometriosis symptoms and decided to try altering my diet to see if it helped. I just didn’t know enough and I certainly wasn’t consistent enough. Something always got in the way. I had always struggled with comfort eating and my weight showed this. In 2012 I started with Lighterlife and lost 5 stone in 5 months and coincidentally my Endo symptoms reduced drastically during this time. My pains were now manageable with ‘over the counter’ pain medication, hot baths and hot water bottles. My GP/hospital visits reduced significantly and the second biggest problem I had, after pain, which was bloating disappeared completely. I was lucky enough to naturally conceive a baby after years of trying but not before further laparoscopic treatments and tests. I believe that having this condition has played a part in finding weight loss hard both from a hormonal point of view and a psychological aspect. I now have the Mirena coil fitted which I admit has helped enormously but it never took away my symptoms completely. Ultimately it is a combination of Coil and a regular dose of a very low calorie diet. This also helps me control and maintain my new figure after a further 6 stone weight loss on the LighterLife Plan in the past 18 months. I would have given anything, tried anything to be pain free and ‘normal’ again. I wasn’t desperate enough to seriously contemplate committing suicide but may women do and have. It breaks my heart every time I hear that another Endo sister has lost her life to this debilitating disease. More research is needed, more awareness is required and most importantly we need to support women who are suffering the symptoms of this life altering condition. Take them seriously. Offer them comfort and understanding. Help them believe they are heard, they are understood and that they are supported whatever the day may bring.