What is Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting (IF) is quite simply time restricted eating. It’s about setting boundaries around your daily eating schedule.
It works by prolonging the period when your body has burned through the dietary calories (those you’ve eaten) and begins burning fat.

Most people can give some level of IF a go but if you’re concerned or have medical issues its important to check with your doctor before starting an intermittent fasting programme.

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits associated with IF. Here are just a selection but do your own research to find out more.

1. Cell repair

2. Fat burning

3. Helps to repair/reduce insulin resistance (perfect if you’re pre-diabetic or worried about type 2 diabetes)

4. Can reduce inflammation

5. Reduce blood pressure

6. Evidence to show it can reduce the chances of age related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

7. May help you live longer.

8. Helps prevent feelings of hunger throughout the day

9. Reduces bloat

10. Will get you into Ketosis quicker


restrict when you eat

Can I do this on any diet?

Yes, absolutely. IF is about when we eat not what we eat.

Whether you’re following a conventional food diet or a LighterLife plan you can restrict when you eat your food/packs.

16:8 (only eat within an 8 hour window)
18:6 (only eat within a 6 hour window
20:4 (only eat within a 4 hour window)


How often can I do it?

As often as you like. You can do it every day if you find it benefits you. The best way is finding a pattern that works for you.


You may have heard about the 5:2 plan. With this plan you will fast 2 days a week (ideas for that fasting window above) and 5 days a week you eat a “normal for you” diet.

Another option is that you could fast on your work days and enjoy a more relaxed schedule at the weekends. This would be the 2:5 plan. If you work shifts, you may find it easier to fast on your days off. 

ADF – Alternate day fasting. Fast every other day. This is the one I find most beneficial for me.

This schedule is not strict either. If you plan to fast one day but something comes up, just plan it for a different day. Its flexible.

If this is completely new to you and you are used to have meals/packs at set times start slowly.
Push your meals by an hour one day and perhaps 90 mins the following day. Keep yourself busy and just keep pushing the time till you find a schedule you’re comfortable with.

restrict when you eat

Things to remember

1. This is not a ‘what to eat plan’ but a ‘when to eat plan’.

2. Feelings of dizziness are often a sign of dehydration rather than low blood sugar.

3. Pick a schedule which works for you. Your journey… Your choice.

4. Evidence shows that it takes a minimum of 16 hours of fasting to initiate authophagy*.  contact me for further information.

What can I consume during my fasting periods?

Technically anything other than water breaks a fast however zero-calorie beverages such as black tea and coffee will have negligible effects on your fasting benefits. The LighterLife broth will likely break your fast but if consuming it during your fasting period allows you to fast for longer then use it to your advantage and test it for you. Everyone is different. If you find you’re not getting the benefits of fasting (increased hunger, bloating) then restrict its consumption to your eating window)


Lighterlife plan
Conventional food plate

What can I consume during my eating periods?

Eating “normally” does not mean you have permission to eat anything and everything. Do not lose control. You are not likely to reap the benefits of your fasting periods if you do this. This is more an opportunity to share with food led social occasions, family meals and experience which add satisfaction and mental health benefits. I recommend finding a diet that works for you. Whether that is Keto, Paleo, raw, vegetarian, vegan always chose whole, unprocessed foods the majority of time.

If you are following a Lighterlife plan, have all your products (including unlimited extras and popped chips) within your eating window.

The Lingo!!!

IF – Intermittent fasting

ADF – Alternate day fasting

OMAD – One meal a day

TMAD – two meals a day

IEF – Intermittent energy restriction

Autophagy – your bodys process of cleaning out damaged/old cells (cellular housekeeping)

Ketosis – metabolic process where ketones are used for energy 

CICO – Calories in, calories out