Net carbs per 100g: 17g

Coconut flour

Coconut flour is made from the flesh of a coconut that has been dehydrated and ground after the fat of the coconut oil has been extracted. It loves moisture so when you start baking with coconut flour it does take some getting used to. It will soak up all the liquid in your recipe, so you generally use less of it than you would for traditional wheat based flours and add extra eggs or liquid. It bakes really well though and makes for lovely cakes and pies. Its a great option if you need to nut-free in your baking.

Net carbs per 100g: 10g

Almond flour

This is made from blanched ground almonds. It is yellow in colour and very fine (unlike ground almonds).

Its perfect for cakes, cookies, pastry and bread in keto/low carb/gluten free baking adding a slightly sweet flavour.

As almonds are natually full of fats, you will need to use less liquid than stated and you may need extra raising agent (such as baking powder) if you need a lift.

Ground almonds are another great option though where a fine texture isnt required.


Net carbs per 100g: 7g

Ground Flaxseed

Otherwise known as linseed or flax meal. Flaxseed is very nutritious with lots of vitamins and healthy fats. It can give a really earthy taste to  your bakes and is sometimes added to things like keto bread mixes for this exact reason. Its great for a health boost while also adding a lovely flavour. Flaxseed however has another amazing use in baking. It can be used to replace eggs as it swells in water and gives a similar glutinous texture. Great to know if you are bakes need to be egg free.

Keto thickeners

Keto alternatives to arrowroot, cornflour, flour

Xanthum Gum

Very popular in gluten free products, and fairly easy to source. Its often used in things like bread and cakes as it gives a good rise and you only need to use a little for a good result.

Psyllium Husk

This is a plant based fibre that has almost no calories or net carbs and can be used to most baked goods, mimicking the effects of gluten while retaining a nice, light texture.

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