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Marketing Support Group

Would you like to do it all yourself but just need that extra bit of guidance or inspiration?

Do you want the flexibility to be able to ask questions and/or share ideas at any time of day?

We have a Facebook group that allows you to do just that. Zoe shares best practice, tips and hints and offers workshops on various social media platforms and practices. She even has an #askzoe function which allows you to ask a quick question to get quick responses.

At only £9.99 a month, you can have help and guidance available to you which is bespoke to your requirement. Click Here to join this group.

 1:1 Social Media Coaching for weight loss/weight management facilitators. 

In this virtual World we find ourselves in today, anything is possible. Never underestimate the empowering nature of a 1:1 session to create and implement your objectives. Evidence shows that those who use a coach regularly are more motivated, feel less overwhelmed and find themselves having better time management.

At only £25, it makes sense to book your 1:1 session with Zoe now.

 Free up your time and reduce stress with our full social media management packages. 

Why Chose Us?


Zoe trained as a Nutritionist in 2002 and has been involved with weight loss and weight management for over 12 years. She now has a franchise with a popular weight loss company and comes with an experience unlikely to be found at a generic social media management company. Zoe lives and breathes weight management in both her personal and professional life and has proven that creative posts which are consistent and persistent on social media platforms drive success.

The learning curve associated with learning even one Social Media platform can be quite steep and for some very stressful.  That is why we have put these very affordable packages together unique to weight loss facilitators so whether you are new to this business, new to social media or just too busy to spend time creating and scheduling posts,  we have given you the opportunity to sit back, relax and let us run your accounts.

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have social media channels set up already – we’ll do it all for you, and even show you how to use it.

Zoe Hannan | Strategy Director

Our powerful publishing features include creation, copy where appropriate and scheduling of posts bespoke to your brand products/business on multiple social media platforms.

We will schedule tailored posts 3-10 times per week (this can include any branded images provided by you)

We value clients who understand that they need to allow us a certain amount of creative freedom to produce the kind of posts that produce results.

Why do you suggest a limit on the number of posts?

The limit is put in place to prevent social media accounts from being suspended which can happen if your posts are flagged as spam or are reported by social media users for other reasons.

What type of posts do you add?

All social media creations are driven by 2 things. The intent of the user (you and your brand) and the page analytics (how well each post is doing). Some posts perform better than others and this can differ for everyone based on their client demographic, time of day and audience engagement.

Experience and evidence shows that a range of post types are required to attract and engage with your potential and current audience.

What counts as a social profile?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My business, Pinterest

What do you need from me?

We will need access to the social media platforms you want us to populate.
We find that a chat with our clients every 3 months is usually enough to project and plan for the subsequent 3 months, but more frequent contact can be arranged where necessary.

Can you help me with Ads?

Yes of course. Creating ads that work is an art. We can customise your ads based on your ideal demographic. This can be arranged on request.