Will I put the weight back on when I start eating ‘normally’ again?

This is always a difficult question to answer and I tend to answer it differently based on where clients are in their journey.

The reality is that if you go back to eating the way you ate, (and that lets face it, that way got you fat in the first place) then evidence shows that will get you fat again. Sorry if that sounds blunt but this is the reality. 

In order not to put that weight back on you have to eat differently once you get to goal/come off the plan.

When you follow a meal replacement diet you will experience those people who disagree with them. Phrases like ‘are you on THAT diet again?’ or ‘You can’t always be on a diet, you have to live a little’.

This is often down to a lack of education about the plan, possibly a lack of desire because they either don’t have a weight problem or are in denial about one. We are seeing new evidence every year about the benefits of a meal replacement diet with current research highlighting that a VLCD can actually reverse Type 2 Diabetes not to mention all the other health benefits that follow significant weight loss.

The main reason we put on weight is over-eating. Using food to satisfy us even when we are not hungry.

That is what needs to change and this is what Lighterlife offer you the chance to recognise and challenge.

Lighterlife offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which offers its clients the opportunity to work on their own behaviours around food. Many a lightbulb moment is acknowledged in these meetings and evidence shows that those who attend and join in have a greater chance of success in changing those behaviours, creating a new ‘normal’ and keeping the weight off for good.

It is also worth mentioning at this stage, that a few weeks or months of CBT isn’t going to ‘fix you’ and suddenly make you slim. (check out my blog about nothing tastes as good as being slim feels).

If you have struggled with your eating behaviours your whole life, its highly likely you’ll always have to work at it. An alcoholic doesn’t suddenly stop being an alcoholic after a few months of being sober just because they have attended the recommended AA classes. They work at it, they challenge their urges and sometimes this is a daily challenge.

Unlike alcoholics who never have to touch a drink again in their life, food addicts have to drip feed their addiction every day, just to sustain life. What a crap deal in the addiction World hey??

But once we accept this, the working on it becomes something we just do… everyday… like cleaning our teeth. Some days it feel like you have won and some days it will feel like the addiction has won (or is back). The key is not to let the mind deter you from the journey. Every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute is a fresh start. Be kind to yourself and stop chasing the dream that you will just wake up one day and be slim whilst being able to eat any thing you want.