Hey, There!
I’m Zoe.

I love fresh healthy food (and the, not so, occasional glass of wine). I’m also a working mum to a toddler so understand the need for quick, simple yet wholesome meals. I’m a big believer in using leftovers and passionate about meal planning.

After losing 6 stone I became a weight loss mentor and have now become an author and You Tuber.

I’m a veteran of over 23 years in the RAF where I served in multiple locations including Bosnia, Afghanistan and The Falkland Islands.

I’m a big advocate of eco living and where possible go toxin and chemical free. I would love to get my waste down but it’s still early days on that journey.

I live in a self built eco house in beautiful rural village in the North West of England.

On this site you’ll find a range of information from personal weight loss, diet options, recipes and social media management for weight loss specialists. I may also include some family, travel and adventure blogs just to spice it up a bit and share my new found love for life since at my healthier, happy weight.

Happy Living

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