I’ve been using an Air Fryer for a few years now. I purchased my first one from Morrisons when it was on offer for £29.99. I brought it home, placed it on the counter and it sat there unused for about 2 months. I didnt really know how to use it. What could I cook in it? How long and at what temperature? The idea of getting it wrong worried me enough not to use it.

However, I pulled up my big girl knickers and gave it a go…. i loved it. but it had issues. I wasn’t expecting an all singing and all dancing air fryer for less than £30 but suddenly I wanted the all singing and all dancing product. That’s when I bought my first Ninja.

The First Time

I remember the first time i used it…. I thought lets try to “fry” bacon.  I moved the dial to 180 (because if in doubt, oven bake everything at 180 degrees celcius right??)

I didnt know how long to cook it for so I just kept opening the drawer to check on it.

It didnt take long. Definately quicker than the grill and likely quicker than frying it too.

Oh My God it was amazing. I swore from that moment i was never going to cook bacon any other way.

You may have seen me using this is some of my videos.

It was sooooo small

…….and messy. If i remembered, i would pour the liquid fat out before it solidified, but if i didnt, it would stick to the bottom of the tray and interfere with the smells of the next thing i wanted to fry. Imagine frying fish one day then veggies the next.. Fishy kale???? No thanks.


There are some hacks on how to clean it but i hated the fact i had to do this before i could reuse it; especially when i was in a rush. I felt it was missing something.


Another problem i found was that it was small. Really small. I couldnt fry enough chips for 2 children let alone anything to go along with the chips so i found it was still more efficient to put the oven on.

Cue….. The Ninja

It has 2 INDEPENDENT COOKING ZONES: Cook 2 foods, 2 ways, both ready at the same time. Use different functions, times and temps in each drawer to create complete meals in one appliance, or cater to 2 tastes. So now i can use one drawer for bacon and one drawer for veggies.

If i just wanted something small frying it was great. Just use one drawer. My favourite thing to fry in the Ninja is definately green beans. OMG, if you havent tried it go and buy some and do it now. They are crispy, flavoursome and perfect with a knob of butter and some quality himalayan sea salt.

If I wanted to cook for the whole family, Boom i had the capacity with the Ninja to do it.



6 Cooking Functions

OMG, the Ninja has 6 COOKING FUNCTIONS: Max Crisp, Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Reheat, Dehydrate. Cook from frozen to crispy.

Up to 75% less fat* using the Air Fry function (*Tested against deep fried, hand-cut French fries).

These features werent available with my cheaper model it was literally on/off. With this you can set your function and wait for the ping to tell you its done meaning i can get on with supervising homework or watching reels on my phone with a glass of wine.


Save on Energy

ENERGY-SAVING: Save up to 65% on your energy bill*

(*testing and calculations based on recommended cook time for sausages, using air fry function versus conventional ovens).

We decided to use the air fryer exclusivly for a month and we actually noticed a difference in our energy bill. It went down by about £28. I cant say it was just because of the air fryer because there may be other variables but it made a difference so we are continuing to use it over the oven the majority of the time.

Uses less fat

If you are looking to reduce the amount of oil you’re using in traditional frying methods this is the perfect replacement.

I actually love fat providing its animal based so I now collect the meat juices and use them for other cooking methods (perfect for Keto, Carnivore way of eating)

However if you prefer to use seed oils then this method allows you to use less of them and dispose of them correctly after use.

Bigger and Better

The Ninja Air Fryer is so much bigger than other Air fryers. In fact its the UKs largest-capacity dual zone air fryer.

It also pre-heats and cooks 75% faster than standard fan ovens.

I love it and i wouldnt use anything else now.

If you would like to check this out click on this link to get yours.